Curarator & Founder, Rodnesha Ross created this company as she was in one of the lowest places one could be in life. “BUT GOD,” a phrase Ms. Ross uses quite often... She went with a vision that God gave her, put her faith to work and has not looked back! As it stands now, Pray Hustle Slay has just celebrated their fifth year anniversary and there are so many things brewing for this company! Over the last couple of years, they have branched out to have an office in Mishawaka, IN and rumors are that they will introduce Pray Hustle Slay to the Atlanta area in the year 2021.“Our area of focus for Pray Hustle Slay, is that our brand is an inspiration through our apparel, products and beauty accessories to promote self care, and know that you can get it done by any means necessary all while being fly!” Says, Ms. Ross, curator and founder. Stay tuned! When you support this business, you are supporting communities, the people she hires in the communities and most importantly you are supporting a single mother of four to put food on the table. And if that's not enough, you are pouring into Ms. Ross dreams & aspirations to be a blessing to others!!